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Summer Coming To An End

sad face! Here are some of things that I've been up to and some of my future plans for the blog.   Recipes I plan to make for you this coming fall season!: Pumpkin spiced lattes without all the crap Simple Protein Bars - Take with on the go - minus all the sugar, no… Continue reading Summer Coming To An End

Featured Boss Babe

August Boss Babe

For my August boss babe I have asked my friend, fitspo, kind-souled, beauty- Madison Backer. Madison & I share a passion for helping others through our knowledge of nutrition & wellness. Madison & her fiance James own their own gym & inspire & motivate their clients daily. If you have every met Madison AKA Mad… Continue reading August Boss Babe

Featured Boss Babe

June Boss Babe

I am extra honored to introduce Mrs. Melissa Johnston as my June boss babe! I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa on numerous occasions . Melissa started Sugar & Soul out of her true passion for art & love for photographing candid raw moments. Melissa is truly one amazing woman. She is sweet… Continue reading June Boss Babe

Featured Boss Babe

March Boss Babe

If I could go back to my wedding last year and do it all over again, the one thing that I would change is my decision not to get a wedding planner... With a wedding coordinator you are completely stress free, I have personally been to a wedding that Alex coordinated herself and let me… Continue reading March Boss Babe