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Fab Boss Babes – A Year in Recap

A year in Boss Babes - Re Cap  2016 Each month I  featured a bad ass boss babe who is making waves within the nutrition, fitness or beauty industries. These Women are ambitious millennial business-minded women that take full personal responsibility over their lives and put their happiness first.  In a world where we are encouraged to be obsessed with… Continue reading Fab Boss Babes – A Year in Recap

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First Trimester Must Haves

I'm a little late on the announcement to my bloggie babes but my husband and I are so happy to announce that I am 17 weeks pregnant - or in normal non- mom language 4 months and 1 week! I wanted to give any expecting or soon to be expecting mommies a little list of… Continue reading First Trimester Must Haves

Featured Boss Babe

November Boss Babe

May we all take a second to marvel at Miss. Regan Greenwood! This girl is not only stunning but has the brains of a business mogul.  Regan owns the upscale boutique located at 470 River Ave, here in Winnipeg!  Check out the Style Bar! Regan Attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, and… Continue reading November Boss Babe

Featured Boss Babe

October Boss Babe

For my October boss babe, I would love to introduce to you Danielle Stromecki the genius behind her company beautiful baby clothing company : Everly After Creations.  Danielle hand makes stylish clothing for todays stylin' babes! Danielle and I met about 8 years ago, we sold Arbonne together. Danielle pushed me and encouraged my sales growth… Continue reading October Boss Babe

My Life & Happenings

Summer Coming To An End

sad face! Here are some of things that I've been up to and some of my future plans for the blog.   Recipes I plan to make for you this coming fall season!: Pumpkin spiced lattes without all the crap Simple Protein Bars - Take with on the go - minus all the sugar, no… Continue reading Summer Coming To An End

Natural Beauty

Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

I always encourage my clients to first purchase the staple high quality organic oils and sauces when switching over to a clean , healthy lifestyle & before following any one of my plans. I consider the basic high quality oils / vinegars/ sauces that most people need in their households to be the following: Organic cold… Continue reading Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

Breakfast Recipes

Morning Matcha Smoothie

This easy 4 ingredient matcha smoothie will win anyone over.  Here is why I love matcha so much. Loaded with antioxidants - if you work out on a regular basis you are creating free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of aging and declined health. Antioxidants bind with these free radicals, rendering them powerless to help… Continue reading Morning Matcha Smoothie