Breakfast Recipes

Best Apple Crumble

I mostly eat this for breakfast but I'm sure its a dessert to some people 😉     For the Topping ( BEST part )  1/2 cup light spelt flour ( whole wheat will work ) 3/4 cup old fashion rolled oats 1.5 tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp coconut sugar 1.5 tbsp coconut oil , melted… Continue reading Best Apple Crumble

Breakfast Recipes

Spiced Wild Rice Pudding

This pumpkin spiced wild rice pudding will for sure give you all of the fall feels. It is the perfect hearty, warm and sweet breakfast on a cold fall morning. See recipe below & as always if you care to give any of my recipes a shot use the #leavesandbubbly so I can drool 🙂 … Continue reading Spiced Wild Rice Pudding

Snacks & Yummies

Blackberry Crisp

Crisps or crumbles are literally the easiest things ever to make . This crisp took about 10 minutes to throw together and by the time the kitchen is cleaned up its bubbling that sweet nectar from the blackberries and that crispy sweet topping... all completely vegan & gluten free!  I had the chance to pick… Continue reading Blackberry Crisp

My Life & Happenings

Summer Coming To An End

sad face! Here are some of things that I've been up to and some of my future plans for the blog.   Recipes I plan to make for you this coming fall season!: Pumpkin spiced lattes without all the crap Simple Protein Bars - Take with on the go - minus all the sugar, no… Continue reading Summer Coming To An End

Snacks & Yummies

Best Hummus + Life Hack Jars

Chickpeas are the bomb. Each cup contains 15 grams of plant powered protein. 1 cup also packs almost 13 grams of fiber which keeps you full & away from the nasty junk foods. I love them because they are SO versatile, you can blend them and bake with them, roast them into crunchy salad toppers… Continue reading Best Hummus + Life Hack Jars

Product Reviews

Boned Broth Review

Sooo why is bone broth SO amazing? :   Bone broth is amazing for health & well being, our ancestors relied on this broth to get them through a lot tougher times then we face in the twentieth century.. so take it from them , it'll keep you healthy & strong. Great for health and digestion,… Continue reading Boned Broth Review

My Life & Happenings

Breaking Up With Sugar!

It is said that the average Canadian consumes a whopping 88 lbs of sugar a year... & my guess is that is not even on purpose! Sugar is in EVERYTHING these days. From breads too "healthy green drinks". Among many young girls it has become almost trendy to eat junk food...from t-shirts decorated with pizzas… Continue reading Breaking Up With Sugar!