Breakfast Recipes

Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Creamer

This creamy, thick non dairy pecan creamer is just the thing to jazz up your morning cup of organic, fair trade coffee 😉  Pecan mylk is like a better version of almond milk! Check out this creamer recipe below & ditch all those chemical filled icky dairy by-product sugar packed creamers. What You'll Need: 1… Continue reading Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Creamer

Breakfast Recipes

Next Level Coffee

Since recently  ( FINALLY ) getting my hormones under control, I have reintroduced my beloved 1 cup of coffee per day. This recipe has been straight magical and I am completely satisfied after just 1 cup. I drink this about 1-3 times a week and the rest I just do coffee with a touch of… Continue reading Next Level Coffee

Natural Beauty

Anti Cellulite Coffee Shower Shake

Don't dump your morning grinds! That sounds gross & weird, but there is a seriously effective use for those left over coffee grinds. I usually wait until the end of the week to combine the coffee grinds with 1/4 C. organic cane sugar and 1/2 C. of organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Then… Continue reading Anti Cellulite Coffee Shower Shake

Breakfast Recipes

Best Smoothie Bowl Happiness!

Smoothie Bowls have become quite a trend in the last few years and I jumped right on that train! They are a super cute way to have your smoothie with nommy toppings and nut butters! What You'll Need: 1 small banana 6 oz. coconut water ½ c. ice 6 oz. blueberries 6 oz. raspberries or blackberries… Continue reading Best Smoothie Bowl Happiness!

Breakfast Recipes

How to Make The Perfect Coffee Everytime

I am a self proclaimed coffee addict. I Seriously cannot wait to wake up and enjoy that mug of coffee to get my day started. Over the years I have some what perfected my morning coffee so here it is fellow caffeine addicts: What you'll need: Three Sisters - Seductive blend or medium --http://> A… Continue reading How to Make The Perfect Coffee Everytime