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Skin Care Regime

Hi Babes, One of my followers suggested that I do my most updated skincare routine, & I love seeing these kinds of posts on other peoples blogs so here goes! As I am in my last year of my 20's I have really started to take care of my skin, although I have always had… Continue reading Skin Care Regime

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Bouncing Back

Here are some of my top tips to recover after a long weekend with too many goodies, nights out, hard work week, kids schedule draining us, etc. etc. --  without feeling bad and beating yourself up! Refocus -  Set yourself up for major success by writing down all of your weekly, short-term goals. Writing a… Continue reading Bouncing Back

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Toddler Friendly – Muesli Bars

Toddler friendly Muesli bars filled with nutritional yummy-ness!

My Life & Happenings

Plaid & Prosecco Discount Code

Score the cutest sweatshirts ever - read below:  Ohhh the photo shoots I have to do solo without my instahusband - shop these ADORABLE sweatshirts on @plaidandprosecco using the code LEAVESANDBUBBLY at checkout to save the taxes ! They have so many perfect sayings that I know will suite you as well as this saying… Continue reading Plaid & Prosecco Discount Code

Natural Beauty

Holy Grail Beauty Must Haves

I'll be the first to admit, not all of these products are natural & organic, but they most def are cruelty free and not tested on animals. These are a few of my "holy grail" products aka products I would NEED if stranded on an island. Rosewater Facial Toner -   This refreshing face toning… Continue reading Holy Grail Beauty Must Haves

Natural Beauty

Toddler Must Haves

Chloe is fast approaching 14 months old in just a week. Safe to say she is a full out toddler with all the super fun/super challenging tudes that come with! Heres a list of what we have been loving & definite must haves for the toddler stage! Homedics Sound Machine - I love this sound… Continue reading Toddler Must Haves


DIY Macro-Bowls

Hi babes! This is my most recent favourite bowl to make because it is super easy to throw together healthy, delish & there are just so many options! It is plant based and the combination of the ingredients make you feel amazing! Heres a little info on why these macro-bowls rock: What is a Macro-Nutrient?… Continue reading DIY Macro-Bowls