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Mini Egg Cookies

Ok. I know this isn't my typical recipe but I am all about balance and these naughty / nice easter themed cookies are just that!! The best treat I could think of - MINI EGGS ! Happy Easter everyone! Hope you enjoy these, with all the love + bubbly - Nicole Xx.  What You'll Need: … Continue reading Mini Egg Cookies

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Toddler Friendly – Muesli Bars

Toddler friendly Muesli bars filled with nutritional yummy-ness!

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Healthy Digestive Cookies

Who doesn't love animal crackers & digestive cookies? They were a staple in my childhood for sure. When I bought these for my daughter- I wasn't surprised to see the list of not-so-amazing ingredients. Unfortunately most baby snacks have just that (crap ingredients).  So why not make your own- honest the most simple recipe ever!… Continue reading Healthy Digestive Cookies

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Choc-Mania Protein Bars * copy cat RX Bars*

These protein bars are NO BAKE, Which makes them super easy to whip up. They are super high in protein & could be a copy cat recipe of the RX bars if you have ever had one of those you know they are epic. My sister in law gave me one ( they aren't available… Continue reading Choc-Mania Protein Bars * copy cat RX Bars*

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One Ingredient Fruit Roll Ups

Kids will love these all natural fruit leather, or fruit roll ups! Without all the high fructose corn syrup and yucky additives-  This recipe works best with mango or strawberries. It is fairly simple & straight forward just a few key tips & lots of patience on the cooking time to make sure they work… Continue reading One Ingredient Fruit Roll Ups

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Paradise Bites

Those 3 pm slumps can derail any health goals, with easy access at work to junk food in the staff room or vending machines..because who doesn't love a kit kat bar or kettle cooked chips? Your waistline thats who! Some amazing facts about the whole food ingredients in these good-for -your- bod- treats: Dates -… Continue reading Paradise Bites