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Salmon-Spinach Patty Cakes

Chloe is almost 10 months old * insert crying emoji* and she has gone on a full on strike towards pureed foods. She will not have any spoon fed mush any longer. SO we are on too every sort of finger food possible. Goal is to get her to actually eat veggies and stop eating… Continue reading Salmon-Spinach Patty Cakes


Beginner Baby Blends 6 Months

Chloe T. is now just over 6 months old. Although we started her on basic solids at 4 months old, just 1 ingredient purees really really smoothly blended.  But now is the fun part with multiple fruit + veg + protein blends & chunky textures.  As of this month we are only doing breakfast and… Continue reading Beginner Baby Blends 6 Months