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UniKa Cosmetics Line

If you have been following my blog/beauty posts for awhile now, you know how important clean, organic skin care & makeup lines are too me. I want to show my followers the best local and organic products possible. I found a company here in Manitoba called UniKa Cosmetics to demonstrate just that! Here is a… Continue reading UniKa Cosmetics Line

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DIY Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum

If you’ve been having trouble growing out your lashes & have over tweezed your brows for years or you just want your lashes longer and thicker, then try this home-made serum out.  Last year I got lash extensions they were done very well by a super professional here in Winnipeg. She is so talented &… Continue reading DIY Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum

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Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

I always encourage my clients to first purchase the staple high quality organic oils and sauces when switching over to a clean , healthy lifestyle & before following any one of my plans. I consider the basic high quality oils / vinegars/ sauces that most people need in their households to be the following: Organic cold… Continue reading Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

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DIY Water Color Mugs

These water colour mugs are not only adorable but cost a whopping 3 $ each to make. This was by the far the easiest Pinterest win I've done yet. & believe me there was been about a thousand pinterest fails haha I am NO Martha Stewart, but with a few fails to start I finally… Continue reading DIY Water Color Mugs

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Organic Coffee * GIVEAWAY*

🌿GIVEAWAY🌿 enter to win 2 bags of amazing organic Kicking Horse Coffee! That's a 40 $ value! I am so excited that the wicked people at kicking horse coffee provided me with 2 bags of this magical coffee! I know you guys will just love them as much as I do! Here's how to enter! Make… Continue reading Organic Coffee * GIVEAWAY*

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Fav Natural Product Finds

Hihi Babes! So my job requires me to be in health food stores pretty much daily. I spend WAY too much money on natural beauty products/everything. But I thought I would share the products I have fallen in love with. I have re-bought all of these products listed below numerous times. A sure sign that… Continue reading Fav Natural Product Finds

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Naturally Whiten Teeth

Much like our skin, hair & nails.. our teeth are a great reflection of our inner health. Our teeth are so precious so let's stop putting liquid poison on them to get that bright shiny smile and go the natural route! First off I recommend starting with an all natural tooth paste... the reason I say that… Continue reading Naturally Whiten Teeth