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Canadian Made Mama + Baby Booties + Discount code!

Located in Edmonton, Alberta. Denise is the owner of Busy Boy Market Place also known as Jack's Mamas Creations on Facebook.   Winter is coming and with it comes hot chocolate, warmer clothes and a pair of Busy Boy handcrafted crochet tall slippers with soft minky suede soles. When your little one wears their beautiful… Continue reading Canadian Made Mama + Baby Booties + Discount code!

Snacks & Yummies

Choc-Mania Protein Bars * copy cat RX Bars*

These protein bars are NO BAKE, Which makes them super easy to whip up. They are super high in protein & could be a copy cat recipe of the RX bars if you have ever had one of those you know they are epic. My sister in law gave me one ( they aren't available… Continue reading Choc-Mania Protein Bars * copy cat RX Bars*

My Life & Happenings

Kelowna – British Columbia

Kelowna, BC aka my favourite place to go visit in Canada. My dad lives there and runs a pontoon rental business- check it out HERE if you're interested in booking the pontoon for the day or a few hours! OK. So our trip was amazing - We visited wineries, ate amazing delicious food, and went… Continue reading Kelowna – British Columbia

Breakfast Recipes

Super-Coffee Recipe

This coffee recipe is super easy & incredibly healthy, just by combining some spices you have in your pantry into your morning cup can offer major health benefits! - Here's how: What You'll Need: Makes 2 cups of Super-Coffee 2 cups organic coffee ( like Kicking Horse ) 1 tsp turmeric pinch of black pepper… Continue reading Super-Coffee Recipe

My Life & Happenings

The “Fourth Trimester” Real Talk

As of next Monday our little Chloe bear will be 3 months old and we will officially be out of the " fourth trimester "... And honestly I could not be more excited.  When Chloe was born I had a hard time breast feeding her, I got mastitis twice and had to be on prescribed medication.… Continue reading The “Fourth Trimester” Real Talk

Product Reviews

WildBird Baby Wrap Review

So after spending... A LOT of $$ on baby carriers- everything from the Tula, Happy Baby & the Infantino- We have finally found a wrap that works for us! Here is why we love Wild Bird Wrap: Able to "side lay" - she loves it so much because she hates having her head pressed against… Continue reading WildBird Baby Wrap Review