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What Healthy Looks Like For Me Now.

Hello my babes,

It has been a minute since I have done any sort of post & to be honest I needed a break. I felt uninspired and overwhelmed. Those feelings come up for me when I find myself comparing to others perfect Instagram feed ,  or trying to keep up with some unrealistic goals I set for myself.

*Newsflash * No one has it all together & Instagram is a highlight reel of all the best most curated moments 


I want to talk about a very loaded question ( to me ) that someone asked recently:

 ” When did you feel you’re healthiest?” 

This came with a lot of emotions for me, as lately I have not been taking the time out to feel my best. I haven’t stuck to my workout routine, I haven’t eaten properly ( or enough ) I have in a sense, lost myself along the way.

The truth is right now in my life, being a stay at home mom of a 2 year old little girl – I have really struggled with finding balance. I often feel I’ve lost who I used to be & I get stuck being “just a stay at home mom”.  I am constantly thinking of her needs, what can I do for her to challenge her mind, to keep her active, to nourish her growing mind + body- all while I eat scraps of bread crusts & gold fish crackers * face palm *


But when I really think about it – There are times when having a cup of tea/wine/bubbly/coffee DOES feel better than working out. And that is OK. This is something I really struggle with, not being present- thinking about all the things I need to do and when I should be working out when she’s napping or meal prepping. I think the real key to being healthy for myself  is doing exactly what you think is necessary at each time in your life- In my early 20’s it was having green juice everyday and working out for an hour- Now in my late 20’s its enjoying the slow mornings playing princesses & making attainable healthy goals for working out and eating right.


ANWAY this was a little bit of a rant post but to any one struggling with not feeling ” Healthy ” – just know that its OK to change what being healthy means to you as the years go on.


Go easy on yourself mama you’re doing amazing!


Cheers With extra glasses of bubbly these days Xx.  Nicole


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