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Gift Guide – Toddler ( 12-24 months )

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.06.53 PM.png

  1. Cozy Chair –
    Every Kid loves to snuggle up in their very own chair – this one can even be personalized!
  2. Play Tent –  
    This tent has a big enough opening for your little to go in and out easily with all their toys/books/whatever else they drag in there.
  3. Kid Kitchen – 
    Let their little creative minds go in this super adorable ( not tacky ) play kitchen.
  4. Table & Chairs – 
    I love the classic look of this wooden set, and that it comes with 4 chairs! lots of tea parties + crafts and colouring to go down.
  5. Jump & Hold Trampoline – 
    I love that this little trampoline has handles for your babe to hold onto while releasing all that energy!
  6. Polk-a-dot- Book- 
    My daughter is OBSESSED with this book, it has cute little bubbles they can pop over and over again and the drawings are really nice and not too many words for their not so great attention span.
  7. Cuddle + Kind Doll- 
    These sweet little dolls are handmade in Peru using sustainable, fair trade practices & the purchase of each one provides 10 meals to children in North America + around the world. A super cute doll with a good cause ❤
  8. Baby Einstein Curiosity Table – 
    I love all the moving gears and making the light turn on. I love that gear board can move from the middle to side to divide the playing area so more than 1 child can play!
  9. Little Live Pets – 
    OK. this one may be for me, mostly BUT this is the sweetest little dog/cat – With 6 play modes plus 35+ realistic sounds its well worth the price.
  10. ABC Carry + Go Board – 
    Each letter snaps into its own space – it is a carrying case as well.
With lots of Love + Bubbly Babes Xx – Nicole 

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