Natural Beauty

Holy Grail Beauty Must Haves

I’ll be the first to admit, not all of these products are natural & organic, but they most def are cruelty free and not tested on animals. These are a few of my “holy grail” products aka products I would NEED if stranded on an island.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 4.05.52 PM.png

  1. Rosewater Facial Toner –  
    This refreshing face toning mist not only smells amazing but it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, gets rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  2. Hoola Matte Bronzer-
    I LOVE a good dewy face but this bronzer is perfect for contouring and layering, it never looks muddy or thick.
  3. ” Sating Pajamas” – Shellac Nail Polish –
    Next time you get a mani ask for this color, its the perfect nudey blush and it goes with everything!
  4. St. Tropez Classic Tanning Foam – 
    OK. so I’m always on the look out for more natural self tan products so let me know if you find one you love, as I know this one is no where near natural. BUT it works and its not streaky and its amazing and I love it.
  5. NYX Suede Lip Liner- 
    Kylie made lip liner cool, a little tip for wearing lip liner- pick a color closest to your natural lip color and “over draw” your lips just slightly and then use the liner to fill in your entire lip, top with gloss & your glam.
  6. Kevin Murphy – Young Again- Hair Treatment – 
    I bleach my hair on the regular. It contains this amazing oil called Immortelle Treatment Oil, which is a weightless leave-in treatment oil infused with immortelle to counteract the oxidation and ageing we all face.
  7. R+Co Dry Shampoo- 
    Not your granny’s dry shampoo. DEATH VALLEY is the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair.
  8. Uniful BEAUTY – Liquid Foundation-  
    Every gal needs an amazing, high quality foundation. Uniful’s is just that. It’s light weight but full coverage. It contains aloe to heal any existing skin issues.It’s a unique formula that combines phyto-ingredients and Ecocert pigments. My favourite foundation on the market by far.

    With Love & Champagne Beautiful Babes Xx. 

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