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Toddler Must Haves

Chloe is fast approaching 14 months old in just a week. Safe to say she is a full out toddler with all the super fun/super challenging tudes that come with! Heres a list of what we have been loving & definite must haves for the toddler stage!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 7.26.12 PM.png

  1. Homedics Sound Machine – I love this sound machine. Mostly because it has the option to put batteries in it & make it portable, as well as plug in. We use it in the car on the way to the cabin- magic.
  2. Silicone Scoop Bib-  Messy.  SO messy.  The food will be flying everywhere. This bib catches most some of it!
  3. Grow With Me Sun Hat –  This sun hat , legit grows with their little heads. With adjustable straps on the crown of the hat & underneath the chin.  I’ve found that it makes it harder for her to pull off her head and hide in the backyard ( eye roll ).
  4. Swim suit with Full Sleeves – Not only do full sleeves help with protection from the sun, but also from cold water.  Sleeves are the best. My best advice though, is to size up 1 – 2 sizes as they can run very small and full on tantrums will ensue.
  5. Insulated Straw Thermos –  With all the plastic childrens sippy cups out there, this stainless steel with a straw is amazing. Keeps liquid cold all day and is easy to wash which is the most important.
  6. Disposable Stick on Place Mats –  These sticky mats are recyclable ( V-important ) & are probably the most used product we own. They easily just stick too restaurant tables and peel off when your done. No more eating off germy table tops!
  7. Natural Unika Sunscreen –  This organic sunscreen is the most clean and pure, child safe sunscreen on the market. Complete with a natural product number ( NPN ). This means its been tested for efficiency by Health Canada.  We only use this sunscreen everyday.
  8. The Perfect Runner –  These runners provide the perfect combination of protection and flexibility and come in fun, sophisticated styles that are durable for outdoor play. See Kai Run promote healthy development of little feet with their flexible rubber soles that encourage maximum movement, enhancing balance and muscle development. & their water safe!

Hope this makes life a little easier Mamas … Keep kicking ass like only us Mammas can! 

With love & Champagne, Nicole Xx. 

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