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Gift Guide for the Every Momma!


Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.41.08 AM.png

  1.  Mamacita Bag A super cute ( thats not a diaper bag ) with a cute mom saying on it
  2. Uniful Beauty Rejeventuaing Oil – 100 % organic, PETA certified, non-toxic oil that reduces inflammation, calms red skin & nourishes the skin – mom approved &
  3. Kat & Gio Aromatherapy Candles – With tons of scents to choose from, each candle has its own raw gemstones with amazing properties for that well deserved bubble bath!
  4. Cute Mug – I personally have a mug obsession, might as well be an amazing mug!
  5. Letters to my mom – I gave this to my mom last year and its so so sweet, there is little envelopes and fill in the blanks to write to your mom – also they have one for grandparents to write to their grand babies!
  6. #MOMLIFE adult colouring book OK. this book is actually the best thing ever! its hilarious! Flip through the pages, every mom will get a kick out of this one!
  7. A brand new, shiny coffee maker because mom life.
  8. A cool subscription box based on moms likes only! Foodie mom? get that kind of box. Fit mom? get that one. Glam mom? yup theres one for that too!
  9. Ten Spa Day Because its the most amazing spa and all moms deserve a day a week too themselves
  10. A sexy robe – because dads shirts are comfortable but don’t always make mommas feel our best.
  11. Gold Bar Necklace – engraved with babies names  – I haven’t taken mine off , It sits at the perfect length, its real gold and its my most favourite jewelry piece I own.


Cheers with love & Champagne Mama’s! You’re doing the hardest job in the world & You’re a bad ass! Xx. 



Looking for more inspo for Mother’s Day ? Check out the FLORAL FLIXX They have sooooo much more than flowers for Mom! 


Pictures by:  Luxe Images by Jill

Florals by: The Floral Fixx

Chloe’s Clothing by: Rose + Doll

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