My Life & Happenings

Phoenix, Arizona






We had the chance to go on a little family getaway this past week. We chose the Hilton Squaw Peak resort in Phoenix. It was so family friendly! We stayed in the “King Casita” suite, which were essentially houses. They had an upstairs, balcony and kitchen – anyone knows that traveling with a young baby in a hotel is a no-go. We were able to put her to bed and then have our time as well which was so nice.  We brought our playpen, sound machine, monitor, stroller, and rented a car seat. Let’s just say we had A LOT of luggage to lug around.. We stayed there for 3 nights then went to our friends beautiful home in San Tan. They too, have a small baby so they had all the fixings and baby proofed the house before we got there! The girls were SO cute! They would yell random things at each other and loved their little pool days! My girlfriend, Kendra’s baby girl Harlyn is exactly 1 month to the day younger than Chloe! So with both of their birthdays approaching ( Chloe’s next weekend ) < insert crying emoji x 100> We wanted them to have some major bonding time. We cooked them mostly all their meals and it was so easy, as we were able to go and shop for everything ahead of time and sort of meal plan and prep.  Bed time routine was the same for both and their naps even lined up too!  MOM WIN. I am a huge fan of a pretty strict bed time routine. I do play time, bath, bottle, sleep sack , soother , story time, sound machine on, & kiss goodnight. It seems to help Chloe calm down and know what’s coming next ( ZzZ) .

Here are some of our pics of our travels! parents – if you’re planning a trip just remember the airplane ride won’t last forever, bring cartoons ( no judgement please ) haha bring snacks SO MANY SNACKS, bring books! and water! It’ll be over before you know it, ignore the dirty looks when your babe is having a break down. Some people just don’t get that its more stressful for you then them! 😉




All the love & champagne babes, Xx. 




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