Product Reviews

9-12 Month Baby Must Haves


So your once little tiny babe is now 9-12 months old & you obsess over their 2 month old pictures every night while they are sleeping…. yup.  Here are some of the items that we are loving as little Coco heads into her 11 month * TEAR *


  1. Zany Zoo Cube – As your baby learns to stand up this cube is amazing for keeping their mind entertained, while working on their coordination!
  2. Baby Proofing Kit– A must for any baby on the move.
  3. Zo-li Weighted Stray Cup– OK. so this is genius!! It has a weight at the bottom of the straw so they can always get their drink, lying down or standing up!
  4. Insulated Lunch Kit – Now that your babe is on solid foods, that probably have to stay hot or cold for long car rides or days at day care- an insulated lunch kit!
  5. Muslin, Breathable Pajamas– With Sleep sacks being my other must have HERE- These breathable PJ’s are perfect to assure they don’t overheat or sweat and get cold in the night!
  6. No Flouride Toothpaste & Brush– With the oh-so-wonderful, never-ending teething happening make sure to brush those new chompers. Chloe loves the taste of her toothpaste and we make it a part of bed time routine.
  7. Rose + Doll Grow with me Romper-  So Rose + Doll will forever be one of my favourite clothing brands for littles, as they have clothing that ” grows with” your child. Which means no conventional sizing like 0-3, 6-12 etc. Because as we all know a newborn baby can be in a 3 month outfit in a week!
  8. Play pen- I LOVE this play pen. It’s a little pricey but its so light weight and amazing for travel. I put her in there with some of her toys and can take a shower without worrying too, win.

With love & Champagne, Nicole xX. 

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