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6-9 Month Baby Must Haves

With Christmas come & gone, the hustle and bustle of the holidays has slowed down and its a new year! I love making lists and setting goals ( even if its just drink hot coffee today …. CHECK ). Here is a little list of the things we have been loving on for the 6-9 month range – hope this helps mamas… & papas!

With Love & Champagne babes Xx.



1.Otteroo Floatie Device –

This has been the best thing for some indoor playtime for us since Chloe was 3 months old. She loves scooting around the bathtub and it really made her confident in the water – just in time for swim lessons!

2.Wearable Bibs-

If your are feeding your child any type of food you need this.

3. BB Care Bath Seat –

Probably should have put this one first on the list! Since Coco has outgrown her Angel Care bath support ( see that in THIS must have ) she is now onto sitting in the tub! This support with bath mat attached is the best thing ever!

4.Touch & Feel Board Books

Now that your baby is mobile & into EVERYTHING he/she also enjoys destruction of book pages – these board books are awesome for first words and not so dainty grabs.

5. Swim Diaper- 

Again with the water must haves- going into swimming lessons this is a must have.

6. Stand and Learn Toy –

This toy can go from sitting to standing and then walking – I love toys that are good for more than 1 age gap. This is it!

7. Highchair-

Now that your babe is on solid foods you’ll need a good highchair – we LOVE this one, as it is on rollers and she can come eat with us at the table.

8. Wearable Blanket- 

For safe sleep these wearable blankets are amazing. Chloe has been in these since we stopped swaddling her when she rolled over at 3.5 months. Also these beautiful sleep sacks are made right here in Manitoba.

9. Mini Mat – 

This silicone mat suctions to any surface! amazing for brunching ❤

10. No Spill Cup- 

It is now suggested that water be served in a cup instead of a bottle – so skip the waterfall & use this no spill cup! It’s the best!


















munchkin no spill cup






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