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3-6 Month Baby Must Haves

Our little Coco will be 6 months old on the 8th of November, which is right around the corner! We are happy to say, times have gotten easier from THIS post on the fourth trimester. It is so crazy how fast time goes when your counting each amazing new thing they do each day. We love watching her grow and gaining a very feisty personality! Here is my personal MUST HAVES for babe at around 3- 6 months old that have really helped make our lives easier! Xx.


  1. Music Activity Table-  This one in particular has legs on it that attach as they grow, she loves to hit the buttons that count and read colours – and it has 3 languages as well !
  2. Baby Bouncer/Gym –  Not only does a gym keep the babe occupied but it helps them with their back strength by standing up straight in the seat. I love this under the sea one it has tons of stuff to do & keeps her entertained while I eat/shower/breathe 🙂
  3. Snot Sucker – YUP. I put this on my new baby must have list HERE. & it is still an everyday must. for the obvious 🙂
  4. HighChair – A good one. This is because your baby will be in this for a long time, I love this one because of the huge tray and the amazing foot levels & faux leather padding. – Makes a nice edition to the table.
  5. Baby Brezza Formula Maker – YES so much YES. Because of my struggles with breast feeding see that post HERE…. This is life changing it makes 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounce bottles in 20 seconds… its like a keurig for bottles.. amazing. worth it.
  6. Biodegradable Diapers – These diapers are amazing, she has never leaked through them & they break down which is major important when half our landfills are filled with diapers that will never break down.
  7. ZOLI Nail Buzzer – Because who wants to risk cutting your babies fingers off with nail clippers… LOL I use this every 2 days on her finger & toe nails its amazing.
  8. Waterproof Mattress Cover – Those crib mattresses are not cheap – this sheet has a waterproof section in it to protect it! Then the sheets go over top this.
  9. Munch Mitt – This amazing little mitt is just that.. a munch mitt! 6 months is the telltale teething age so bring on anything that works right! The mitt goes right over their hand & they munch away.
  10. Mummy’s Bliss Gripe Water- THIS gripe water not just any gripe water THIS one. Why? because it is all natural and contains ginger to calm her stomach which is so needed before bed!

I hope this helps out Mama’s!


With love & champagne Xx. 


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