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Kelowna – British Columbia


Kelowna, BC aka my favourite place to go visit in Canada. My dad lives there and runs a pontoon rental business- check it out HERE if you’re interested in booking the pontoon for the day or a few hours!

OK. So our trip was amazing – We visited wineries, ate amazing delicious food, and went to bed at 7 pm! Parrrrty!

The truth is travelling with a 3 month old is tough work! I literally had major anxiety about flying with her, thinking she would bawl her eyes off the entire flight and people would be giving us dirty looks. But thanks to my over preparation and 20 hours of You-Tubing what toys 3 month olds play with, we survived and chloe did amazing on her 3 plane rides! Here are some tips that helped us out on those planes:

  • Expect to be late for everything, leave yourself more time than you think you need
  • Bring an easily foldable stroller – like this one
  • Bring a soother or 5 just incase
  • Feed or use soother on the way up and the way down
  • Find toys that are suitable to your babies age range – chloe is 3 months and is obsessed with this caterpillar that makes noise & an easy to grab ball
  • Try to keep baby awake for at least 1.5 hours before flight to make sure they are sleepy ( for 3 month old 1.5-2 hours )
  • Dress babes in layers, easy to take off & put more on
  • Bring hand sanitizer – lots – airports & planes are full of germs
  • Pack more diapers than you think you need… trust me planes make babies do interesting things with their bowels…. we had some interesting inflight happenings.
  • If baby is teething bring a munch mitt
  • Consider spending money on a seat upgrade.. that extra leg room will become extra sanity for you.
  • Finally- Relax- this may just be my favourite tip – remember if your baby screams and cries the entire flight – OH WELL. They are babies and they are unpredictable people will just have to deal 🙂

Here are some pics from the rest of Chloe’s first trip to Kelowna! 

We spent a day visiting wineries – Our favourites were Rollingdale & Volcanic Hills Estate Wineries

We went to a kangaroo & goat farm!- lets just say highlight of my trip!

We boated on the Okanagan Lake

We Brunched at the Eldorado Hotel & the Bohemian Cafe

We Slept – a whole bunch


We had an amazing time in Kelowna & would recommend it for any family travelling with small children. Till next time Ktown ❤ 

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