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New Baby Must Haves


Baby Chloe Young is now 2 months old! Wow how the time passes! It may feel like its going in slow motion if you have a newborn- with the sleepless nights & endless diaper changes I was a COMPLETE mom-bie when she was born, See my birth story HERE. I thought it only natural that I list my new born baby must haves in my “Healthy Pregnancy Series” I will be posting recipes for superfood baby food as soon as this bean is old enough to dig in ( I cannot wait).

Hope you enjoy & get some use out of these must haves! 


1.Angel Care Monitor – I don’t personally use the sensor portion as I am already anxious enough but the picture is super clear and the light works great in the dark room

2.Angel Care infant bath support-  I don’t know how people bathe their infants without this. It holds up your little at the perfect level until they can sit themselves

3.4Mom’s – Momaroo –  WORTH IT. I know, I know its pricey but it is amazing. It comes with 5 options- swing, bounce, wave, kangaroo motion and more – also you can bluetooth it to your phone and play music or pick form a list of heart beat sounds, ocean, rain etc!

4.Tote Savvy Diaper Bag Insert-  I’ve wrote about this before, its an insert that you can put into ANY tote bag so you can still be a stylish mama without using those horrid diaper bags.

5. Aden & Anais Muslin blankets-  These blankets are the best. We use them for everything from swaddling to spit up. The breathable fabric is great for covering the stroller too!

6.Nose Frida – Snot Sucker –  I know this is weird. You legit suck the snot out of your babies nose… BUT its genius!! If you have ever tried to use one of those stupid turkey baster type things you have to try this!

7.Nursing pillow/baby support –  This is for another post- I haven’t been able to breast feed since week 4 … devastating to me & still affects me. BUT I do use this pillow for everything from holding her up on the couch to feeding her.

8.Zipper Infant Onsies- in NB size & 0-3 months – ONLY get the zipper onesies for your newbie.. they hate having small little tiny buttons that take mom and dad forever to button up. especially great for emergency poop situations.

9.Bubba & Blue Infant Nest –

I have posted about this amazing little sleeper before- As for now we are co sleeping we place this in her basinet and she sleeps snug and sound.. for 3-4 hours at a time only that is 😉 I have a discount code for this nest in my previous post – HERE


Cheers with REAL champagne babes!!! xo 

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