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My Labor & Delivery Story

Introducing Chloe Taylor Young!

We are so thrilled to have our little girl at home with our first fur baby. Chloe is now 1 week + 3 days old! & I thought that I would post a little about my labor and delivery story as so many of us have very high expectations of ourselves and things don’t always go as planned.

If you follow my blog, or any sort of social media- then you know how much of an all natural advocate I am. I think our bodies are amazing & we can bounce back soon after giving birth to a beautiful little human… this being said- sometimes it’s okay to let go and accept help.

At 12:30 am on Sunday may 7th my water broke- we quickly packed our bags and headed to the birth centre. Because I was GBS + I had to receive antibtoics via IV every 3 hours… yup just the first of many things that was out of my control. The midwives hooked me up and began giving me the antibiotics ( round 1 ) then sent us home to be back in 4 hours… 4 hours later we returned to the birth centre and my contractions had stopped and slowed down all together. This was concerning because when you are GBS + & your water breaks there is a risk that the baby can get an infection. So on with the natural induction methods, we tried it all – spinning babies, pumping on a ball, you name it- we did it. Now it was 10 am on Monday May 8th – the Midwife informed me that I would need to be induced at the hosptial ( labor brought on by Pitocin ). Pitocin is supposed to mimic our bodies natural oxytocin or the “love” hormone to bring on contractions and get labor progressing.

At this point my level of devastation was at about a 5/10 – I was still receiving antibiotics every 4 hours via IV and now I would have to get chemically induced!? my entire dream of a calm natural water birth with my husband and best friend was gone. I accepted my hospital fate and went to St. Boniface Hospital – I was now on pitocin and antibiotics and lying in a bed waiting for the contractions to worsen… and did they ever. Waves of pain like I have never imagined in my life came over me – all i could do was focus on my breath and remember the breathing techniques from the countless yoga videos and youtubed natural births I had watched.

At 5 PM I was only 5 cm’s dilated and I thought to myself- I can’t stand this pain any longer I need some rest or relief – in comes the epidural – I felt about 20 % better after that as it didn’t fully take and I could still feel every contraction…. My body was rejecting it but at this point I refused to accept the Fentanyl they were offering me for even more pain relief. Eventually I just sucked it up and chugged back my coconut water and by 9 PM I was 10 cm’s and ready to push. Thank god. I pushed for 45 minutes and listened very closely to the doctor to make sure I didn’t tear or need an episiotomy. With 0 tearing and minimal stretching I accredit the PUSH cream HERE that I have listed in my MUST HAVE posts 😉 — She was here! Our perfect little baby girl! Weighing 7.4 lbs and measuring 20.5 inches long born at 8:57 at night on Monday May 8th – 2017 ❤

So there-ya have it after 20 + hours of labor, 6 rounds of antibiotics, & an epidural later->


That moment when they put her on my chest- all the pain and sadness of my completely non-natural birth went away. We were so happy to have our healthy baby with us.

Things I Swore by in Labor

  1. All Natural coconut water with straws – drink between every single contraction
  2. Powdered Bone Broth – amazing to replenish after delivery
  3. Avoid hospital food – bring your own snacks & fruit cut up ( avoid the jello and crappy white bread they give you – this will not help you heal )
  4. Support team- my husband & midwife saved me when I felt like giving up
  5. PUSH ointment
  6. Cozy/cheap slippers that you can throw out- because you are in the hospital and don’t want to take them home
  7. Robe
  8. Towel
  9. CHAPSTICK – your lips will be crusty from all that deep breathing
  10. Walking through the contractions, get up and move!


I wanted to share my story because I want women to feel proud of any type of birth whether it be all natural or with 100 interventions. We are AMAZING. The birth of a child in anyway is truly a mind-blowing experience. Don’t let opinions or judgements affect you- only you know your body & as long as you and the baby are healthy that’s all that matters Xxo.

7 thoughts on “My Labor & Delivery Story

  1. Labour is so intense.. you did amazing, Nicole!! Way to go! For baby #2, try accupuncture.. I did three rounds of treatments and baby slid right out after only an hour of labour. Such a difference from the long labour I had with my first (which was similar to yours btw). Baby girl is gorgeous! Congratulations!!

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  2. Every labour is so different! With my first, I was chemically induced and was able to have an epidural because it progressed at a normal, slow rate (12 hours), and didn’t feel a thing once the epidural kicked in (hallelujah!). With my second, they broke my water and Belle flew out in an hour and a half flat! No time for any drugs or epidural (not so hallelujah…), just enough time for a doctor to come in and catch her! What a wild ride lol, definitely preferred the first delivery…….


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