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Chloe’s Nursery Tour


Chloe Taylor is officially ready to make her entrance. I am going to be 39 weeks in 2 days & we are so anxious to meet her! With the nursery finally being done I can show you guys some pieces that I really love & that brought the room together nicely. We were working with a former office so we were limited on space-  Here are a few things that I love in her nursery:

Unicorn Head Wall Mount – From THIS amazing etsy shop- cutest unique wall mounts

Sea Shell Mirror– I just hot glued shells around a basic mirror I found at Michaels craft store and then while the glue was still hot poured sparkles on top… mermaidish 😉

“You are our greatest adventure” Wooden Sign – Talented local lady – Oak & Linen – also one of my featured boss babes 🙂

Flowered Canopy– From Ikea, but I glued on flowers & greenery around the top

Under the Sea Mobile – Handcrafted beautifully from NiNuBo HERE

Hand Crafted Unicorn Quilt – My best friend aka God Mama to Chloe made us a quilt and even stitched in “Chloe” So special to us, we love you D & B ❤

“Gro Anywhere” Black out Blind – This is just what it sounds like a black out blind to keep the baby room as dark as possible which suction cups to any window so you can take it along with you! I have it suctioned on right under our blinds.

A white noise machine – We got this one as I read some pretty great reviews on it. comes with water noise, white noise, nature noise, etc.

All Natural, Organic, Clean baby Products – I LOVE Baby Hugo – Their products are free of all crap and use essential oils which I am obsessed with!

The wicker additions are from random places that I can’t really remember but I’m sure you can find them online for affordable prices – I love home sense & winners for little bits of furniture & decor you wouldn’t expect.

Faux fur rug – Ikea- HERE

Stuffed Animals – all from Jelly Cat

Angel care baby monitor – Supposed to be a good one? We just liked that it had an audio and video feature which is all we really wanted. It also comes with a monitoring pad that goes under their mattress to track their movement while left in their crib.

All the baby furniture is from West Coast Kids- part of the “Mon Bebe” line – HERE

The ” I love you more than all the stars ” Pillow is from Indigo/ Chapters another fav of mine for baby decor

The baby animal quilt on the crib is part of an amazing line called “Pehr Designs” Check them out – ah-mazing.

Giant Bull Dog Foot Rest – Well c’mon we need a little bit of our first princess baby Nola in this room too! How cute is this Bulldog Ottoman – This place makes TONS of cute ones!

Ultra soft Merino Wool Blanket from the very talented Kelsey of ” Prairie Knots”  Check out her Etsy shop HERE 

I am still hoping to pick up a few more additions, my mom painted a beautiful scenery canvas that we will hang & I am going to put some living floor plants in the room for increased air purification 😉 I’m thinking a giant monstera plant like this one – –monstera-deliciosa-large-indoor-plants.jpg

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out baby Chlo’s nursery! Xo. Hope you found some cute inspo for your own nursery, I would love to see !  – Use the Hashtag #leavesandbubbly on Instagram so I can see all your precious babes! 

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