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Third Trimester Must Haves

3 Months to 9 Months!

Officially in my 36 th week of pregnancy or my NINTH month… oh man! Things are getting really… Real. This final trimester seems to drag on forever… but here are some of my must haves that kept me going strong & keeping those mid-day break downs at a minimum 🙂


  1. Coconut Water– I find the extra electrolytes & potassium really helpful for those painful leg cramps that seem to creep up on you in late pregnancy.  Look for a coconut water with just 1 ingredient and no added sugars.  I will also be bringing a case of coconut water with me for labour as hydration plays such a huge role in the chances of a natural delivery. – Say no to gatorade and all the rotten things in it.

  2. “Push Cream” –  This cream is said to help in well…. you get it.. pushing. Push softens, lubricates and promotes elasticity when used during perineal massage. Chance it may work? I’m sold.

  3. Baking to Freeze- I suggest making 3 dozen muffins and freezing them at this point. This will save you when sleep deprived and hungry. I made my Raspberry Zest muffins as well as my paradise bites as dates & oats are supposed to be great for breast feeding – double win.

  4. Floradix – Liquid Plant Based Iron Formula- I’ve mentioned this in my 2nd trimester post as well. That is because I swear by this iron to keep my energy levels up without the horrid effects of the non-plant-based irons. In pregnancy our blood volume doubles to help support the uterus. My blood tests have always come up perfect and I think this supplement has a ton to do with that and a balanced diet.

  5. Cute Pyjamas –  If you are anything like me, who only bought 1 maternity outfit and lives in pyjamas or hobo sweats then you need some cute ones. Forever 21 has tons of them at great prices. Plus when babe arrives you will want too be comfortable 24/7.

  6. Tote Savvy –  I first heard about this amazing insert from my next must have Jordyn Audino ( Super Mom/Lifestyle Blogger ). She wrote a post on it & I was sold. So this insert literally fits into any tote sized bag… that means you can turn your louis into a baby bag.. life changed. Check out the link for a video.

  7. A Mom Blogger – Who really knows what she’s talking about- I suggest following Jordyn Audino. Jordyn has recently had adorable twin boys & seriously has the most useful product posts ever. She is truthful & will tell you what you need.  Her beauty will amaze you & her posts will keep you coming back to her blog. Seriously subscribe & while on mat leave you will thank me.

  8. A Fit Mom to Be Blogger –   My fellow preggo gal pal Olivia Retter has the perfect prenatal workouts laid out on her blog. I rely on these workouts 4 x a week to keep me toned throughout my pregnancy & ease the pains and help with insomnia.  I worked out at Olivia’s bootcamps faithfully pre-pregnancy as was in the best shape of my life-I cannot wait to go back when my baby girl comes into the world.

Lastly – Be easy on yourself, Indulge, Cry, Laugh – Pregnancy is a wild ride & I can only imagine what it is really preparing us for! Xo. Cheers with that non-alcoholic bubbly babes! Xx.

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