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How to Host the Ultimate Girls Night


You know how the time spent chatting about all things girly & catching up before going out with your girlfriends is the best part of the whole night? Well why not just stay in and have a grown up slumber party & skip the whole going out thing! Life is busy & crazy & at most times really stressful make sure to take time out for yourself and time with your best girls so that you can recharge & reconnect as our relationships with our girlfriends are just as important as that of with our partners ❤

( this is all connected to a healthy, body – mind- soul & is JUST as important as what you are putting into your body ) 


Tips For a Great Girls Night:

  1. Make some homemade facial masks, using skin loving ingredients
  2. Indulge in some junk food or if you are at someones house order in takeout and split the bill
  3. Better yet, bake something healthy & delicious together – try Edible RAW Cookie Dough! 
  4. Pop the Bubbly – Champagne, Wine or kombucha is a must 😉
  5. Name 1 quality you love about each other
  6. Rent a hotel room for the night to truly get away with your girls, explore new hotels in your own city which you may never stay at.
  7. Attend yoga or workout classes using your LIFESTYLE PASS– If you live in Winnipeg this booklet contains over $3000 in savings from everything to unlimited yoga nights & hotel stays to new healthy grocery delivery options! You must buy it if you live in Winnipeg you will not regret it, promise!!!
  8. Indulge in a brunch and another workout class the next morning

Every great girls night starts with a skin loving mask & then my sleeping beauty mask – Check it out:


Why use Activated Charcoal?  Helps to bind to toxins pulling them out of your skin, think of a massive magnet pulling out all the dirt from your pores.  See more of my homemade  face mask options using all natural ingredients HERE

Why use a Probiotic capsule in a face mask? Although healthy skin starts from within – based on your diet & lifestyle choices which include fermented and probiotic rich foods – see my post on the best foods to eat for clear skin for life HERE. –  Applying a probiotic to your face can rid the surface bacteria and eat up all the bad acne causing bacteria & can keep your skin supple and able to absorb moisture.

How To Skin Loving Mask: In about 1-2 tablespoons of your heavy moisturizer – Crack open a probiotic into your favourite thick overnight moisturizing cream next crack open 1 capsule of activated charcoal and mix into cream this will create a detoxifying thick face mask – Leave on for 30 mins and wash off with warm water.

How To Sleeping Beauty Mask:  A few years ago I got a facial at a super ritzy expensive spa, the lady told me that using egg whites brushed on your face after you apply your moisturizer at night will lock in all the moisture in your face over night . Egg whites are rich in protein and albumin that have skin toning properties and promote wrinkle free skin. They are especially good for oily skin types since they help tighten large pores and hair follicles that secrete too much sebum. – Best tip I’ve ever received my skin felt like a dream every time I tried it! So put on your moisturizer after the Skin Loving Mask & then apply the egg whites and see how amazing your skin feels when you wash off in the AM!


Next would be some good old junk food – some fairly healthy popcorn made with coconut oil, dark chocolate & gummies.. because its meant to be a treat night – #TREATYOSELF

Wine & Champagne – or in my preggo case – Kombucha and sparkling water! Make some cute cocktails up using fresh cut fruit & bubbly.

Top secret girl talk – which is a given 😉


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