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BabyMoon 2017


We are expecting our first baby girl –  Chloe Young –  April 30th of this year, which makes me 27 weeks and 4 days along just entering my 3rd & final trimester & so we thought why not take advantage of this time when I still feel good and have lots of energy to take a little “baby moon”!

We started off with San Francisco and between the bread bowls filled with clam chowder & deep fried calamari,  it was safe to say we really needed the lunges due to the extreme horizontal roads we barely made it up. If we could do it all again I think we would have stayed in Sausalito, a little city right across the bay bridge – beach city ! My legs still hurt! 

San Francisco 

Malibu & Santa Barbara

Next it was on to chilled out Malibu Beach where we rented a beach house from VRBO. I can’t say enough amazing things- this place was unreal picturesque. Looking out on to the beach we were located right in the heart of Malibu- perfect short drive to all the best cafes and fancy restaurants that Malibu has to offer. Being our baby moon we splurged a little bit but we wouldn’t have changed a thing! We drove down the pacific coast highway to Santa Barbara – cutest little lazy beach town – perfect for us preggos!

Thinking about a baby moon?  California is the way to go!

 As fun and exciting as trips are, there is nothing quite like that at home – in routine feeling! I will be posting lots of recipes coming up! Thanks for taking a peak inside our baby moon!

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