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Fab Boss Babes – A Year in Recap

A year in Boss Babes – Re Cap  2016

Each month I  featured a bad ass boss babe who is making waves within the nutrition, fitness or beauty industries. These Women are ambitious millennial business-minded women that take full personal responsibility over their lives and put their happiness first.  In a world where we are encouraged to be obsessed with another person’s experience, These women grow from lifting others up in true boss babe form!


January – Olivia Retter – Olivia Retter Fitness – Running her very own bootcamps every Saturday at 10 am at Vivacity Fitness studio. Bootcamps are for all fitness levels she will make your workout personalized to your level & make it worth every minute ( 60 mins ) .  Also teaching spin at WPG CYCLE Tuesdays,Thursdays at 4:30 and Fridays at 6 am!

February – Jessica soon to be Templeton – Pro Hair Stylist at Bob & Page Blow Dry Bar– Kick ass hair goddess at Bob & Page on Academy Road here in Winnipeg. Jess is no longer a junior stylist, she is amazing with hard to tone blondes and will listen to your every word and opinion. Making your hair a work of art!

March- Alex soon to be Younger – Alexandria Lillian Weddings and events – Wedding planner booking for 2017. Alex has personally carried out 6 weddings in 1 years season. Her attention to detail will blow you away. Check out her website and stylized shoots.

April- Danielle Loewen- Bestie Extraordinar- Total babe, ruling the not always easy job as a Labor Relations Rep – Also keeping up on meditation, yoga and always offering wise words to her bestie because I need it ( always )

May- Samantha Squire –Squire Yoga-  Ultimate boss babe.. In CreComm at Red River. Yoga teacher, Running her Om at me Bro bootcamps and Ninja Flow as well as released her very OWN yoga series DVD’s available now for purchase!

June- Melissa Johnston – Being the rockstar owner of Sugar & Soul Photography my favourite romantic wedding shots ever. Shot my engagement and my wedding trust her with everything she is the best.

July – Katelyn Daman – Rose + Doll- True boss babe of Rose + Doll ( formerly Petite Prairie ) Same adorable babe clothes , different label. Check out all the amazing things she is doing coming up in the new year!! Attending all the best local pop ups and craft shows. Keep an eye out for her collabs!

August – Madison soon to be Gerardy – Mind & Body by Mad Backs–  Kick ass boot camp instructor, owner of her very own gym in Pinawa. Keep and eye out for 2017 retreat coming up this summer! & now graduated with her MASTERS of nutrition – serious goals

September – Lauren Stewart – Oak & Linen- Offering custom calligraphy gifts including signs, pillows, decor, etc. The most beautifully hand written wedding invitations you’ve ever seen ! – contact Lauren now for 2017 written invite & envelopes or baby gifts.

October- Danielle Stromecki – Everly After Creations– Modern clothing for the modern babies! Danielle is at all major craft shows showing off her adorable designs including custom orders and personalized designs. Aaaand leather leggings for littles… yes leather leggings!

November- Regan Greenwood – The Style Bar – Most stylish boutique to buy all your clothing & accessories for women & men alike! New styles coming in all the time so be sure to keep checking the website and in store for new styles. Right now they have the CUTEST sequin skirts i’ve ever seen!

I would personally love to thank each and everyone of these beautiful women listed. You ladies are a true inspiration beyond what you know. I am so excited to raise my little in a world where girls are taught to chase their dreams and do what they love, stepping up to be boss babes and changing the way our society treats and pays our women. Thank you for doing what you do! 


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