Snacks & Yummies

Vegan Egg Nog Balls

Egg nog is quite possibly the best flavor of life. It is however one of the most fattening things one can consume over the holi-yays. SO I've come up with these genius little nog balls that will satisfy Santa himself: Try em out and use the #leavesandbubbly on Instagram so I can see them! What… Continue reading Vegan Egg Nog Balls

My Life & Happenings

Second Trimester Must Haves

^ ^ ^ Missing Champagne & Prosecco like... ^ ^ ^ I am in my 20th week of pregnancy now ( or my second trimester ) or in normal non-mom talk my 5th month. But here is a list of the things I found extremely helpful so far, I'm sure there will be more as… Continue reading Second Trimester Must Haves

Featured Boss Babe

Fab Boss Babes – A Year in Recap

A year in Boss Babes - Re Cap  2016 Each month I  featured a bad ass boss babe who is making waves within the nutrition, fitness or beauty industries. These Women are ambitious millennial business-minded women that take full personal responsibility over their lives and put their happiness first.  In a world where we are encouraged to be obsessed with… Continue reading Fab Boss Babes – A Year in Recap

Natural Beauty

DIY Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum

If you’ve been having trouble growing out your lashes & have over tweezed your brows for years or you just want your lashes longer and thicker, then try this home-made serum out.  Last year I got lash extensions they were done very well by a super professional here in Winnipeg. She is so talented &… Continue reading DIY Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum