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First Trimester Must Haves

I’m a little late on the announcement to my bloggie babes but my husband and I are so happy to announce that I am 17 weeks pregnant – or in normal non- mom language 4 months and 1 week!

I wanted to give any expecting or soon to be expecting mommies a little list of what has been my must haves so far during pregnancy!

I will post a series on the 3 trimester MUST HAVES! 

First Trimester

In my first trimester ( week 1 – 12) My mind was basically going nuts- listening to everyone’s horror birth stores that they feel the need to express to you…. You are so full of so many unknowns. Is what I’m feeling normal? Am I resting enough? Does everyone feel this awful/good? How much weight should I be gaining?  Why am I so tired? Etc, etc. The amount of things that I googled- SERIOUSLY.  While everyone has a different experience, there are a few essentials that a lot of women really depend on at the beginning that I think are relevant to any pregnancy. Here are my first trimester must-haves!

  1. Vitamin Code – RAW prenatal – Because your appetite will be in the gutter- You will need extra help to get those vital nutrients to the babe and you –  The best prenatal in my opinion simply the quality of the ingredients, raw and unprocessed – contains 800mcg of raw food-created folate. The Centers for Disease Control recommends at least 400mcg of folate in support of healthy neural tube development before conception through at least the first trimester of pregnancy. Folate is a B vitamin found mostly in green, leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale. Supporting healthy neural tube development decreases the risk of babies being born with a birth defect of the brain or spinal cord.
  2. Ascenta – Nutrasea Soft Gels –  Babies brain & eye development needs the DHA  + EPA make em good and smart! Also benefits mama big time with mood boosting effects and joint health.
  3. Cardioflex Q10 – Grape – My life saver. Not only is this formula the perfect grape flavor it is bursting with 2000 mg’s of vitamin C and 17 essential nutrients. It helps to produce collagen so that your skin can stretch without stretch marks!  Great for both mommy & babe.
  4. Peppermint Tea & Bubbly Water – Your stomach will be forever thankful to you. The peppermint tea ( because your supposed to cut down on caffeine now – barf – sucks ) but it helps with the 3 month nausea and the constant gagging feeling. The bubbly water like perrier or any soda water are amazing. trust me.
  5. COLD green apples – or any cold fruit – Instead of buying those crap for you gummy bears and sour candies – put all of your fruit in the fridge it is amazing that way! It will be the perfect amount of sour that you will crave – try frozen grapes me and my gf’s used to put them in wine and champagne….. awwwhh champagne * TEAR* 
  6. Workout DVD’s – TIU series- Working out while pregnant has MAJOR benefits for both baby and mama. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch binge eating ice cream that just makes for a sore stomach and unneeded weight gain. I cannot express enough how much working out during this pregnancy has made me feel amazing. Obviously I modify a lot from what I used to do- but I still aim for 30 minutes everyday – some days thats just a brisk walk!
  7. Simply Whey Protein Bars- Protein will be your best friend when preggo- it is a fast way to fill up when you are on the go and these bars are perfect for snacks. – also my energy balls helped me a lot too –> RECIPE. But if you have no time between work and 2836 other things these bars are perfect.

I hope these help Mamas! 


Flash back to 15 weeks and a barely there bump

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