Featured Boss Babe

October Boss Babe

For my October boss babe, I would love to introduce to you Danielle Stromecki the genius behind her company beautiful baby clothing company : Everly After Creations. 


Danielle hand makes stylish clothing for todays stylin’ babes!

Danielle and I met about 8 years ago, we sold Arbonne together. Danielle pushed me and encouraged my sales growth within the company we were so passionate about what we did and it showed! Not only was Danielle a great role model but she is an amazing friend! From that time on I knew this girl was a true boss babe!

After having my daughter Everly after a lot of struggle and finally having success with our third transfer with invitro, I was so excited to have a little girl (or doll) to play dress up with so I decided to start sewing. I hadn’t done it in many years but it came back quickly and I started making all sorts of creations for her!

My little hobby quickly gained interest from friends and family and people started to ask me to make stuff for their little ones. I then realized I could turn my hobby into a little side business! This is when Everly After Creations took shape.  I now have lots of amazing returning customers and endless referrals and am currently preparing for a few holiday craft shows! I’m not back at work at my day job as an insurance broker so squeezing in time to sew in between snuggling my love and working hasn’t been an issue yet… but I love it all and love seeing my hard work pay off when my happy customers send me adorable pics of their babes in my wears!All orders can be direct messaged to Danielle through her Instagram page below!

Check  Everly After’s Instagram to order all these cute looks! :


 Etsy page is currently in the works

Check out Everly After on October 23 @ the Baby & Belly Fair @ The Early Grey Community Center in Winnipeg! Click HERE for more deets!


How adorable is this custom made “Buck” print for a little boy ❤ 

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