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September Boss Babe

Fall is upon us!  With the crunchy golden leaves comes the excitement of a change in decor in the household, out with the beachy summer pastel hues and in with the rustic warm earthy tones. My September boss babe will bring you all the feels… It is my greatest pleasure to present to you my friend Lauren Stewart.  Lauren is the Proud owner of Oak & Linen. I have personally seen Lauren’s work and believe me, you will be mind blown! See below the piece she wrote up and her beautiful whimsical work, perfect for an uber thoughtful gift or just to add some beauty to your life.  Tag #leavesandbubbly & @oakandlinen on Instagram when you purchase these wonderful works of art. 

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am the owner of a little start up (that is still in the start-up phase) called Oak & Linen! While working a full time job as a Social Worker, and planning my own wedding last year, I decided I wasn’t busy enough and delved into the world of entrepreneurship to build a business of my own. I have always been a creative person and enjoyed DIY projects. With this in my back pocket, and a new home to decorate, I made my first project that got people saying “hey, you should sell those!”. I found this flattering but did not think much of it at the time.
Around the same time, I was lucky enough to become an aunt, when my Sister-In-Law gave birth to her first beautiful daughter. I found myself looking for unique baby gifts and once again made something that had people saying “hey, I would totally buy one of those!”


The catalyst that finally got me thinking this could be something, was while planning my own wedding and creating décor to save myself a buck or two! A few months later, a wonderful friend (who happens to be the March Boss Babe and owner of Alexandra Lillian Wedding & Events) asked if I would be interested in doing some calligraphy on invitations for a Scandinavian Winter Wedding Photoshoot. This opportunity both excited me and terrified me. I had been toying with the idea of building a business but this was going to be a plunge into the deep end, head first. With this opportunity looming, Oak & Linen was officially born.

I am still in the beginnings of figuring this business thing out. It has been exciting seeing my little start-up get out into the big world and being contacted by others outside our own circle. With this goal in mind, Nicole asking me to be the September Boss Babe was again super flattering, and a wee bit terrifying. Saying this I am grateful to be recognized for what I am trying to do and it gives me the extra drive to continue to work on Oak & Linen and make it everything I know it can be!
Check out our Social Media pages for more of our work and please keep in mind that we are happy to make custom, one of a kind pieces!

· Easy Shop! 

· Oak & linen Instagram

· Oak & Linen Facebook Page

· Oak & Linen Pinterst Page

If you need/want to shorten or change this up feel free to do so! It is kind of weird talking about myself! The photos I attached are showing the projects I described and then my logo and myself. You don’t need to use them all but if you use the stationary picture it was taken by Scotch & Coffee.

Thanks again for the opportunity, Cheers!

Lauren Stewart. 


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