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Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

I always encourage my clients to first purchase the staple high quality organic oils and sauces when switching over to a clean , healthy lifestyle & before following any one of my plans.

I consider the basic high quality oils / vinegars/ sauces that most people need in their households to be the following:

  1. Organic cold pressed coconut oil
  2. Organic flax seed oil
  3. Organic extra virgin olive oil
  4. Organic apple cider vinegar
  5. Chia seeds/flax seeds
  6. Organic Nut & Seed Butters
  7. Organic Tamari

These are among the worlds healthiest foods that we can consume but the wrong packaging of them can make them the least healthy foods we could consume! Of course there are more but these oils replace a lot of the harmful vegetable oils ( ps veggies don’t make oils….so…) & soy products that people may have in their house currently.

Here is why these organic & super healthy foods could be hurting you! :

If any of these foods are packaged in plastic or tin * even if they are organic & natural* Fats & acids will suck the toxins and chemicals out of the plastic & tin lining ( called leaching) & make their way into your body, causing all sorts of nasty effects like endocrine disrupting chemicals that lead to hormonal problems , cancer, infertility, obesity and early puberty among many others. Think about how long these products sit on the shelves before you purchase them and how long it takes for you to get through entire bottles of these products…. giving them more time to leach harmful toxins and chemicals into your amazing super foods!


So when buying acids ( apple cider vinegar, tomatoes, tomato paste, fruits in plastics, tamari, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce etc. ) & fats (coconut oils, nut & seed oils, nut & seed butters etc.) Always make sure that they are packaged in glass. Not only will this benefit you and your family, but by using your buying power and investing in glass products manufacturers will pick up on the fact that plastics and tins are no longer acceptable when dealing with a “health food”. We have so much control over what we eat everyday. Keeping plastics and tins out of landfills is another reason to always choose glass. Remember you are the only person in control of your own health, every time you grocery shop, every time you spend money. Let’s use our knowledge to help ourselves, our children and future generations to come!

Lastly – Always use a stainless steel water bottle or glass water bottle – Find out more on why BPA free doesn’t mean better – HERE


Stay Happy & Healthy Babes Xx.

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