Featured Boss Babe

September Boss Babe

Fall is upon us!  With the crunchy golden leaves comes the excitement of a change in decor in the household, out with the beachy summer pastel hues and in with the rustic warm earthy tones. My September boss babe will bring you all the feels... It is my greatest pleasure to present to you my… Continue reading September Boss Babe

My Life & Happenings

Summer Coming To An End

sad face! Here are some of things that I've been up to and some of my future plans for the blog.   Recipes I plan to make for you this coming fall season!: Pumpkin spiced lattes without all the crap Simple Protein Bars - Take with on the go - minus all the sugar, no… Continue reading Summer Coming To An End

Fall Recipes

Rhubarb Cherry/Berry Crumble

With summer winding to a close (waaah. sorry I said it). This warm and toasty rhubarb berry crumble with a peanut butter twist is the perfect breakfast/snack to enjoy when those mornings are cool and crisp. My mom gave me this amazing rhubarb from her garden & I knew that I had to make a… Continue reading Rhubarb Cherry/Berry Crumble

Natural Beauty

Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

I always encourage my clients to first purchase the staple high quality organic oils and sauces when switching over to a clean , healthy lifestyle & before following any one of my plans. I consider the basic high quality oils / vinegars/ sauces that most people need in their households to be the following: Organic cold… Continue reading Organic Foods That Could be Hurting You!

Snacks & Yummies

Best Hummus + Life Hack Jars

Chickpeas are the bomb. Each cup contains 15 grams of plant powered protein. 1 cup also packs almost 13 grams of fiber which keeps you full & away from the nasty junk foods. I love them because they are SO versatile, you can blend them and bake with them, roast them into crunchy salad toppers… Continue reading Best Hummus + Life Hack Jars

Breakfast Recipes

Morning Matcha Smoothie

This easy 4 ingredient matcha smoothie will win anyone over.  Here is why I love matcha so much. Loaded with antioxidants - if you work out on a regular basis you are creating free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of aging and declined health. Antioxidants bind with these free radicals, rendering them powerless to help… Continue reading Morning Matcha Smoothie