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August Boss Babe

For my August boss babe I have asked my friend, fitspo, kind-souled, beauty- Madison Backer. Madison & I share a passion for helping others through our knowledge of nutrition & wellness. Madison & her fiance James own their own gym & inspire & motivate their clients daily. If you have every met Madison AKA Mad Back 😉 you have felt her contagious energy ( she has loads of it ). You cannot help but to feel inspired to do a lunge or two when you hang with her and her fiancé. Madison is gearing up for her wedding this February & has lots of tips and tricks for feeling the best on your big day! Be sure to check out below for all she has to offer. This girl is a serious triple threat… she is currently finishing off her masters in health & nutrition, she is a certified personal & group trainer , a business owner, a loving dog mommy,  AND a constant inspiration for all of her clients & community everyday!

Serious goals right there!  


Check out what the true meaning of boss babe is all about with the soon to be Mrs. Madison Gerardy! 

When Nicole asked me to be her August Boss Babe, I was so honored! I absolutely love her blog (and her), and all of the amazing delicious recipes on Leaves and Bubbly!

My name is Madison Backer, but most people know me as ‘Mad Back’! My business is Mind and Body by Mad Back, and is mainly run and operated in Pinawa, MB.

I am a lover of the outdoors, crafting and party planning, amazing food, and fun fitness-which is why I started my business!

Mind and Body by Mad Back began with bootcamp classes over three years ago. Now our classes have gained popularity with participants coming from all around rural Manitoba! We have amazing clients that travel from Lac du Bonnet, Seven Sisters, Whitemouth, Beausejour, Elma, and more to participate in our classes! I think what really attracts people to our classes is the diversity. We make each class different and unique. I LOVE party planning and fun, and this comes through in a lot of our classes!

Some extra fun bootcamp classes/challenges we have done include:

  • Biking Scavenger Hunts
  • Murder Mystery Bootcamp
  • Water Balloon Bootcamp
  • Water Bootcamp
  • Core Song Challenge- You have to check this out! 
  • 80’s themed Bootcamp
  • Park Bootcamp
  • Beach Bootcamp

This is honestly just a glimpse into our classes! Our bootcamps definitely are hard and demand results, but also really emphasize FUN fitness! I mean, working out should be fun! I truly believe everyone should find some sort of exercise they enjoy. I work super hard to bring the fun and creativity to our bootcamps!

I am also a lover of party planning (theme parties all the time please!), and the outdoors!

Our recreational hall in Pinawa is called the Local-Motion. This space allowed me to expand Mind and Body by Mad Back with fitness and recreational events! I offer our space for party planning, where I take care of the decorating with my love of diy!

One amazing event we did this summer was a Fitness Retreat RIGHT on the beach at Pioneer Bay Campground! This event included:

  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Block therapy
  • Snacks/lunch
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Henna tattoos
  • Beach braids
  • Beach games
  • Kayaking, and more!

This is definitely going to be an annual event and is so worth making the trip out to Pinawa for! I’m hoping Body Bliss by Nicole will join the fun next year too! 😉 Mark your calenders for June 2017!

I am also a lover of amazing, healthy eats. I am just finishing my Masters of Science in Health and Nutrition Education, and have such a passion for learning new things about food and the human body. A huge part of my business is helping my clients make healthy nutritional choices to support their body, complement their exercise routine, and accomplish their goals!

Other exciting news/events with Mind and Body by Mad Back:

Summer E-Book: Check it out!  http://mindbodymadback.com/e-book/

2nd Annual Transformation Challenge: http://mindbodymadback.com/2016-transformation-challenge-winner/

On a day-to-day basis, you can find me at the Local-Motion in Pinawa kicking my client’s butts with personal training, kicking more butt at boot camps in the evenings, and planning new fitness and recreational events in Pinawa!

Thanks again Nicole for the feature!

Leaves and Bubbly Admirer,

Mad Back

Website: http://mindbodymadback.com

Facebook: Mind and Body By Mad Back

Instagram: @mindandbodybymadback 

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