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DIY Water Color Mugs

These water colour mugs are not only adorable but cost a whopping 3 $ each to make. This was by the far the easiest Pinterest win I’ve done yet. & believe me there was been about a thousand pinterest fails haha I am NO Martha Stewart, but with a few fails to start I finally caught on to just how to make the right kind of “marble” “watercolor” “tie-dye” whatever you want to call it! These mugs make the perfect gifts all made with love by you!



Here are the tricks I learned along the way ! 

What You’ll Need:

  • 4 Dollar store white mugs
  • 1 deep Tupperware container ( be willing to throw this out after)
  • Enough warm to hot water to fill up to where design will be placed on cup
  • 3 nail polish colours that compliment each other in gradient shades.. for example; 1 dark blue, 1 dark purple, 1 light purple OR 1 dark red, 1 light red, 1 beige/white. I would look at color schemes of a print you love to choose. OR you can just use 1 color. Dark purple works really well.
  • you DO NOT need a stir stick… something I learned from trial and error .. do NOT stir the nail polish in the water…. even though all tutorials tell you so!
  • Napkins

What To Do:

  1. Begin by placing 4 DROPS or DRIZZLE straight from the nail polish bottle..  of 1 color of nail polish into the hot water
  2. Next place the next color on top of the 4 drops, & again with the next color. ( see pics)
  3. When all the color is in the water, pick up the tupperware container and bang it against the counter a few times… this will disperse the color nicely.. DO NOT stir with a stick this will clump it all together and ruin the design
  4. Dip mug on an angle right into the design you created in the water…leave for 3-4 seconds and gently remove from water
  5. Dump entire container and start over for a new color with warm to hot water again.
  6. Flip mug upside down and leave to try on a napkin for 4-5 hours
  7. Spray design only with a light varnish or lacquer – get it at michaels or canadian tire.   ( do not spray where you drink out of ) 






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