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Organic Coffee * GIVEAWAY*

🌿GIVEAWAY🌿 enter to win 2 bags of amazing organic Kicking Horse Coffee! That’s a 40 $ value! I am so excited that the wicked people at kicking horse coffee provided me with 2 bags of this magical coffee! I know you guys will just love them as much as I do! Here’s how to enter! Make one of my recipes from my blog ( http://www.leavesandbubbly ) & tag @bodyblissbynicole & hashtag ‪#‎leavesandbubbly‬  on Instagram or Facebook.

I will be picking the lucky winner August 1st! PS You must live in Canada or the US.


Don’t throw out your morning cup of joe! Try my coffee shower shake recipe HERE – this scrub will tighten skin & reduce cellulite appearance! 


Why buy organic , fair trade coffee? 

  • I always suggest to my clients to drink organic, fair trade coffee. First off, conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides – sounds like a nasty hot cup of yuckiness. Not only does the environment suffer from this overload, but so do the people who live in it. Farmers are exposed to a high level of chemicals while spraying the crops and while handling them during harvest. The surrounding communities are also impacted through chemical residues in the air and water. These chemical presences are not just unpleasant; many are highly toxic and detrimental to human & animal health.
  • Most organic coffee is grown the natural way ( Kicking Horse is grown this way)  within the shade of lush forests, providing a home for wild plants and animals, sustaining soil fertility, and keeping unique regional ecosystems alive. These forested farms also more resilient and better equipped to handle unusual weather patterns that are a result of climate change, making them a safer investment for farmers and their futures.

Buying Fair Trade Means – When you buy fair trade, organic coffee you help the workers, organizations and communities involved in the production to receive a living wage. This is a direct support against commodities practices that leave workers without the minimum salary required to have basic food, shelter, medical care and education.

A few points about Kicking Horse Coffee®

Kicking Horse Coffee® is located in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

ALL our coffees are 100% Certified Organic, Fair trade, Shade Grown, Arabica beans roasted in Canada

They offer 13 bold, adventurous blends, from Cliff Hanger Espresso® to Kick Ass® to 454 Horse Power®

Kicking Horse Coffee® named Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade product in 2015

Kicking Horse Coffee® named the #10 Best Workplace in Canada by Great Place to Work ® in 2016

Kicking Horse Coffee® is available at retailers throughout Canada and US, as well as on
Another suggestion could be to sign up to their newsletter; here’s a quick link:



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