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It is my greatest pleasure to present to you, my good friend, fellow boho obsessed babe… Miss Katelyn Daman. Katelyn has always had an eye for style, she is constantly rocking the latest trends… and when I say rocking I mean ROCKING. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and she got the skills to go along with those looks ;).  When Kate had her little girl she and her good friend decided to use their creative skills to bring to life what is now, Rose + Doll! I cannot wait to have my own little so I can smother them in all things Rose + Doll!  Check out some of her amazing work below!

Rose + Doll ( Formerly Petite Prairie)  is a handmade shop for babies, toddlers and mamas. Located in the heart of the prairies, we incorporate a playful bohemian style to children’s accessories and clothing.

Petite Prairie started with one of my dear friends Laura as we instantly bonded after having our children. We connected over our similar styles of parenting and often talked about the struggles of becoming new moms and how self identity can instantly shift. Of course having a baby is easily the best thing to happen to me, my days were often felt like being “Mom” was my new sole focus and purpose. Laura and I both came from creative backgrounds (I had worked in marketing and jewelry design and Laura was a graphic designer) and started to make headbands and bow ties we couldn’t find in the existing retail market. We decided to start crafting items for our own kids and pose them for mini, prairie inspired photo shoots to pass the time and to connect with our days before diapers. The business started as a time to set aside for ourselves within the first year of motherhood and get back to our creative roots. I remember our first Etsy sale and how accomplishing it was to set time away to make the order, pack up the babe and get it off to the post office. We were only shipping to our friends most likely at this point but it still felt so. damn. good.

Now, Rose + Doll has shipped across Canada, U.S, Australia and Europe, sells in three local stores in Manitoba and networked within some amazing local pop up markets. I truly have came across some of the best people in the handmade community and couldn’t love what I do more. To know that items I’ve made are incorporated in family milestone photographs couldn’t be more rewarding. The shop has expanded with t-shirts, beanies, kimonos and mama + me clothing sets. Laura has since found her passion and moved on to party planning which has really given me the room to grow the brand to my own; which is a love for all things floral and bohemian with of course, a side of gangster rap. xo

Get your hands on this adorable hand made apparel today! 

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/roseanddoll

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rose_and_doll/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roseanddoll/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/roseanddoll/

Handmade items with a touch of bohemian style 🌾

•flower crowns
•hair clips
•bow ties
•graphic tees

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