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August Boss Babe

For my August boss babe I have asked my friend, fitspo, kind-souled, beauty- Madison Backer. Madison & I share a passion for helping others through our knowledge of nutrition & wellness. Madison & her fiance James own their own gym & inspire & motivate their clients daily. If you have every met Madison AKA Mad… Continue reading August Boss Babe

Product Reviews

Boned Broth Review

Sooo why is bone broth SO amazing? :   Bone broth is amazing for health & well being, our ancestors relied on this broth to get them through a lot tougher times then we face in the twentieth century.. so take it from them , it'll keep you healthy & strong. Great for health and digestion,… Continue reading Boned Broth Review

Natural Beauty

DIY Water Color Mugs

These water colour mugs are not only adorable but cost a whopping 3 $ each to make. This was by the far the easiest Pinterest win I've done yet. & believe me there was been about a thousand pinterest fails haha I am NO Martha Stewart, but with a few fails to start I finally… Continue reading DIY Water Color Mugs

Snacks & Yummies

Shimmering Strawberry Lemonade

Well I didn't call my blog "Leaves & Bubbly" for nothing! This summer lemonade can be made with prosecco, sparkling wine or just with sparkling water for that "bubbly" feel! The freshly juiced strawberries mixed the sweet/sour meyer lemons are the perfect summer time cocktail/mocktail all topped off with these beautiful edible flower ice cubes… Continue reading Shimmering Strawberry Lemonade

My Life & Happenings

Breaking Up With Sugar!

It is said that the average Canadian consumes a whopping 88 lbs of sugar a year... & my guess is that is not even on purpose! Sugar is in EVERYTHING these days. From breads too "healthy green drinks". Among many young girls it has become almost trendy to eat junk food...from t-shirts decorated with pizzas… Continue reading Breaking Up With Sugar!

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Organic Coffee * GIVEAWAY*

🌿GIVEAWAY🌿 enter to win 2 bags of amazing organic Kicking Horse Coffee! That's a 40 $ value! I am so excited that the wicked people at kicking horse coffee provided me with 2 bags of this magical coffee! I know you guys will just love them as much as I do! Here's how to enter! Make… Continue reading Organic Coffee * GIVEAWAY*

Breakfast Recipes

Summer Boatmeal

Boatmeal AKA baked oatmeal AKA Ah-mazing Breakfast Treat There is something special about oatmeal when it is baked. It turns into cake for breakfast which is basically the best thing ever. Give it a shot & tag #leavesandbubbly with all of your amazing creations! What You'll Need: 2 cups gluten free oats ( Bob's Redmill… Continue reading Summer Boatmeal