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May Boss Babe


For my May boss babe I am so pumped to feature the wonderful Samantha Squire.  If you have ever met Sam you you have felt her light and love shine through you the entire day… seriously. Samantha is one of the most inspiring young women I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Samantha is a super hard working student, loving friend & devoted boot camp/yoga instructor. Among all of that though, Sam will always lift you up and provide words of wisdom far beyond her 21 years of age. I encourage you to join her boot camp this upcoming summer or learn how to get uber bendy & stand on your head at her Ninja Flow workshop!! See links below for how to get signed up!


Samantha Squire is a yoga teacher from Winnipeg, Canada. When Samantha was 19 she completed her 200-hour training for Transformational Hatha Yoga in Greece with Yoga Alliance. Last summer she launched her own business as SquireYoga and started running a bootcamp called Om at me Bro Bootcamp. This summer, Samantha will continue to run Om at me Bro Bootcamp, and she plans on launching a new yoga program called Ninja Flow. Samantha is most well-known for her unconventional teaching style, music choices, and sense of humor on and off the yoga mat. To find out more about SquireYoga, Om at me Bro Bootcamp, and Ninja Flow check out the following links or email Samantha directly.

Samantha Squire FACEBOOK


Squire Yoga INSTAGRAM   @squireyoga

Amazing Photography – Kristine Derkson-  http://kderk.com/

INSTAGRAM @scotchcoffee


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