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Secret Spa Water

About 5 years ago Tosca Reno came to Winnipeg to do a seminar on her amazing book called the ” Eat Clean Diet” . My girlfriend and I basically worshiped her getting our books signed first in line. I took away a few really amazing snippets of advice from the seminar that she held, & one of them was adding pure unrefined natural sea salt to my water!….She referred to this water as making the water “wetter” so that your body could absorb it fully and to prevent it from going right through you! This totally clicked with me because I always used to find myself not drinking enough water and then around 4 PM chugging an entire 3 liters and running to the washroom all night.  We want to avoid doing this for many reasons. We want our bodies to be hydrated all day long so our brains can think about the task at hand and so that our muscles can get us through our workouts with ease.  After all we are made up almost entirely of water! ( 75 % )

Studies have shown that when dehydrated, cells are depleted of energy. As a result people tend to eat more when, in reality, the body is thirsty. Thus resulting in a weight gain of over 10 lbs a year! All very avoidable by skipping all the dehydrating beverages like too much coffee, pop, Gatorade (ew), fake no sugar added beverages etc.

If you drink coffee and alcohol (two vices I’m not giving up) you need to drink that much more water to remain hydrated; try upping your intake to 10 glasses a day. Also, if you make your water ‘wetter’ it will stay in your system.

I made “Spa Water” with the secret ingredient being pure Sea Salt!

image2 (2)

Here’s What To Do:

  • Grab a huge pitcher & fill it up with water ( Mine was 2 L )
  • Add 1 herb of your choice ( I chose Mint)
  • Add 1 cucumber sliced
  • Add 1 orange sliced
  • Add 1 lemon Sliced
  • Add 1 heaping Tsp of Pure Sea salt
Easy Right! Now go drink a huge glass of water!

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