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Detox My life Face Mask

You know those Sunday nights when you’ve binge watched every Netflix series available all day and you start reflecting back at all of the times you ate out and how many alcoholic beverages you’ve consumed over the weekend? WELL. truth is your skin will tell you even if you are in denial about it. Our skin is our largest organ, it naturally takes out all of the crap we consume and gets rid of it through our pores. I know that when I eat clean with tons of greens, water & fruit my skin is good or better than when I eat out way to much, have to much dairy and consume way to much coffee. ( OOPS)

Once our diets are cleaned up we can also help our skin detox from the outside. I have made this activated charcoal mask to do just that!

Activated Charcoal:  Is just that. Charcoal… It’ll act like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil from your face. I always make this mask with almond oil though because I find the AC way to harsh and drying for my skin.

Here’s what to do:

  • Buy the Activated Charcoal pills ( cheaper)
  • Break 2 capsules into a container that you don’t mind staining * WARNING WILL STAIN EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES BLACK*
  • 1 TBL of almond oil ( pure)
  • Use a paint brush or a makeup brush and mix it all around
  • Paint on to your face, avoiding lips and eyes and leave on for 30 mins
  • Terrify the whole house
  • Rinse off using MORE almond oil *** on a face cloth you don’t mind ruining… Note you must use oil to remove this mask, trust it will come off way easier!

I have paired my mask with some delicious herbal “Every Day Detox” tea I LOVE this stuff I have at least 2 everyday. Dandelion is an amazing whole boy cleanser and is natural so drink up! Get it HERE

* warning may terrify your spouse/pets* 



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