Snacks & Yummies

Secret Spa Water

About 5 years ago Tosca Reno came to Winnipeg to do a seminar on her amazing book called the " Eat Clean Diet" . My girlfriend and I basically worshiped her getting our books signed first in line. I took away a few really amazing snippets of advice from the seminar that she held, &… Continue reading Secret Spa Water

Natural Beauty

Detox My life Face Mask

You know those Sunday nights when you've binge watched every Netflix series available all day and you start reflecting back at all of the times you ate out and how many alcoholic beverages you've consumed over the weekend? WELL. truth is your skin will tell you even if you are in denial about it. Our… Continue reading Detox My life Face Mask

Dinner Recipes

Chickpea Nuggets

Nuggets.....but like not the ones that are made with pink "chicken" goop that spews out of a machine...real whole food chickpeas, flax seed, gluten free bread crumbs! Turned into soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside nuggets! What You'll Need: 1  can chickpeas, drained 1 TBL of ground flax ( I used golden flax,… Continue reading Chickpea Nuggets

Dinner Recipes

Basil Turkey Burger Sliders

It is ALMOST summer ... sort of, well no... not really it's actually the second day of spring today but who cares. After what feels like 397 months of winter, us Winnipegers are ready. Perfect BBQ meals are a must for spring & summer alike. These ultra lean turkey burger sliders will keep you full… Continue reading Basil Turkey Burger Sliders

Snacks & Yummies

Raw Pecan Crumble Mousse Pies

This Raw, No bake treat is easy to whip together when a mega chocolate craving hits! I have a pretty bad MAJOR sweet tooth and I promise this really hits the spot without causing my blood sugar to spike and crash. Rather than reaching for all of those processed candy & chocolate bars give these… Continue reading Raw Pecan Crumble Mousse Pies

Dinner Recipes

Kapha – Hippie Bowl

Kapha is balanced by a diet of freshly cooked, whole foods that are light, dry, warming, well spiced, and relatively easy to digest – ideally served warm or hot. These foods calm kapha by balancing mucous production, regulating moisture levels, maintaining adequate heat, and by supporting proper digestion and elimination. Packed with proteins like eggs,… Continue reading Kapha – Hippie Bowl

Dinner Recipes

Zoodle Pad Thai

My time in Thailand totally inspired me to create this lightened up version of pad thai, full of amazing veggies & organic tofu, you can always use some chicken cubes but I kept it vegetarian today.... give it a shot! What You Will Need: To make the sauce: 1 TBL coconut sugar 2 TBL tamari… Continue reading Zoodle Pad Thai