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If I could go back to my wedding last year and do it all over again, the one thing that I would change is my decision not to get a wedding planner… With a wedding coordinator you are completely stress free, I have personally been to a wedding that Alex coordinated herself and let me tell you it was seamless! I also shot some promotional work for her on the set of her Winter Scandinavian Wedding Shoot ( see video of her work below ) So if you are getting married this year I highly suggest contacting this beauty, She will work with on budget & will listen to every detail of your vision for your big day to make it a reality!


“Founder, Alex Torcolacci’s love for weddings and romance developed when she was a little girl. Interning and volunteering for large events in Winnipeg gave her a taste of what life as a wedding planner would be like, and she knew she was on the right path. Alex’s mission is to help you create your dream wedding. She believes professionalism and strong communication is essential for planning the perfect wedding.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Alex graduated from the University of Winnipeg and has worked in marketing and events. Prior to launching Alexandra Lillian Weddings & Events she gained crucial experience interning with a large wedding planning company and organizing non-profit and corporate events. Her passion for wedding planning developed while assisting on 5 high profile weddings with budgets ranging from $25,000 to upwards of $60,000 and 2 stylized photo shoots during her internship.

Alex is certified with the Weddings Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC) Wedding Planner designation. WPIC holds its wedding planners to the highest regard, so you can rest easy knowing that your wedding is in the best of hands.

In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Alex works as the Marketing Manager for one of Winnipeg’s top Real Estate Investment companies. This job allows her to act as the creative administrative lead for all property photo shoots, and pre-sale staging.

Alex has volunteered to plan events and help with marketing for non-profit organizations around Winnipeg such as Ovarian Cancer Canada- Walk of Hope, Strength In Heels, and the Derek Twomey Scholarship for Sport (SlapIt2Me).”

Instagram: @alweddingswinnipeg 

Facebook: Alexandra Lillian Weddings and Events

Website: http://alweddingswinnipeg.com/

Stunning Photography By: Kristine -Scotch&Coffee-  http://kderk.com/

Outrageous Filming Talent By: Samantha Squire –

Outstanding Makeup By – Darcee Liang – https://www.facebook.com/dbeautyxo/?fref=ts

Stationary Complete with Calligraphy- Lauren Stewart Design – https://www.facebook.com/lauren.ashley.12382923

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