Featured Boss Babe

January Fab Boss Babe

This month I am featuring my girl Olivia Zaborowski. Soon to be Mrs. Retter! Olivia has always inspired me to push myself from my nutrition to my fitness. Olivia is now a certified group & personal trainer right here in Winnipeg. I had the chance to train with Olivia & let me tell you between the plank hip dips & the bent over rows I am sore... DYING. That oh so satisfying can’t get out of bed in the morning seeing results in a week kind of sore! So worth it! Check out this blurb from Olivia herself! :


Hi Guys!
I’m Olivia, owner of Olivia Retter Fitness. I’m a certified Group and Personal trainer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I’ve been working in the Health Food Industry for over ten years now and have just begun my own business to help people become the healthiest they can be through fitness!
I specialize in group fitness classes, but also love working one on one with people.  Seeing someone get stronger, fitter and healthier is so rewarding, especially when I know that I’ve played a factor in making that happen.  As of right now, I am hosting Boot Camps in various places in the city, but will soon be working out of one main location (to be decided ASAP).  I am also available to set up a group training for just you and your friends in a location of your choice!
My passion for food, nutrition and fitness has played a huge factor in my life and I can’t wait to share it all with you!  For more information, please find me on Instagram @oliviaretterfitness or my website www.oliviaretterfitness.com
For Inquiries, please send me an e-mail at oliviaretterfitness@hotmail.com
Let’s sweat it out together, babes!
Olivia Retter

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