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How to Cure a Hangover…Naturally

We all know how much I love champagne, I could literally drink it everyday.. it's a problem.  & guaranteed tomorrow I will wake up with a mean hangover, as there is no way to actually cure a hangover ( except not drinking 4 bottles of champagne & dancing on tables). BUT since that's a non… Continue reading How to Cure a Hangover…Naturally

Dinner Recipes

Creamy Dreamy Vegan Mac & Cheese

This Mac & Cheese is theee perfect after holidays meal.... sound weird? It's true! This is no ordinary KD or Annie's Mac & Cheese this creamy Mac is packed with antioxidant rich vitamins from sweet potato , healthy fats from the cashews & loaded with B vitamins from Nutritional Yeast. See the pictures below the… Continue reading Creamy Dreamy Vegan Mac & Cheese

Breakfast Recipes

Chocolate Cranberry Chia Smoothie Bowl

Honestly. Who eats cranberries anyways? I know I have always stayed away from them because they are so tart and make my mouth feel weird when I eat them, nonetheless these little berries are super healthy. Keep on track & achieve your fitness goals but still get to enjoy the tangy flavor of cranberries with the… Continue reading Chocolate Cranberry Chia Smoothie Bowl

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Savory Guac Stuffed Mini Muffins ( GF)

K. Probably the most delicious thing ever.  I'm a serious addicted  to Avo toast so these little gems are the most perfect thing ever to grab on the go! First: Preheat oven to 425 degrees What You'll Need: Dry: 1/2 cup old fashion rolled oats 1/2 cup oat flour 1 TBSP coconut sugar 1 heaping… Continue reading Savory Guac Stuffed Mini Muffins ( GF)

Natural Beauty

Top 3 Healing Foods To Naturally Prevent Acne

Let's take it back about to about 10 years ago. I was a high school student living the typical student life: pulling  all nighter study sessions, partying on the weekends, sleeping in, eating whatever said  "Microwave only" on the label. All terrible habits, none the less I had perfect skin! My Doctor suggested that I… Continue reading Top 3 Healing Foods To Naturally Prevent Acne

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Pre Holiday 5 Day Whole Food Detox

To get you ready for all those get togethers this holiday season!