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Why I Quit Coffee 6 Days a Week & How I’m Dealing

I am a self proclaimed coffee addict. I love coffee. The aroma, taste, coffee shop vibes all of it. I found myself reliant on it over the past 2 years. I would set my coffee timer for early morning so it was ready when I was awake. I only had 1 cup a day at first, but then it was easy fast energy when I didn’t want to workout or at that 3 PM when I was falling asleep from the caffeine crash… so I would reach for another cup. I felt weird, anxious and jittery like. Def not a good healthy sustained energy. Also because I have a major sweet tooth, I would always have a coffee when i really wanted cake. As I said a few posts ago my hormones are still all over the place. I always knew the caffeine in coffee caused a spike in cortisol levels ( aka the stress hormone) which then leads to the production of more cortisol which in excess causes belly fat. Cortisol also affects other hormones like thyroid, estorgen & progesterone. I don’t like decaf coffee because of the process they use to extract the caffeine ( chemicals). SOOO to keep my sanity I am going to enjoy 1 cup a week of this liquid crack we all love so much.  Obviously I need a replacement to keep me functioning though. Which is where Dandy Blend comes in! It’s got that coffee like taste but also has dandelion root in it to help detoxify the liver. I still put almond milk steamed on top with cinnamon & its delish. Also I still love tea, all tea really…. I know that some tea does contain caffeine but organic Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Teas etc. .have tons of health benefits, prevention of diseases & fat burning….so I’m going to stick with that one for now when I need my fix 🙂

 Don’t go crazy if you chose to quit coffee! Cut back to 1/2 cup a day at first or else you’ll be a zombie with mind crushing headaches ❤   

3 thoughts on “Why I Quit Coffee 6 Days a Week & How I’m Dealing

    1. Thanks Kelsey!! I have totally tried those before, but I have a hard time finding them at my local store all the time… and i’m to lazy to search the city haha! But yes you are so right when in need this is what I would do for sure. I’ve been sorta okay on the 1 day a week organic, fair trade kicking horse the seduction one is my fav. But it’s still tough so I may just cave and get me some of this. #lifesaver Thank you!


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