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Our Honeymoon in Bora Bora, Hawaii & Gratitude

Kelly McLauchlan - N&C

June 06.06.2015 Chad and I said “I do” We promised each other that for the rest of our lives we would be honest, caring & loyal to each other. I married my best friend… the meat salesman ( opposites attract right! )…  2014 was a HUGE year for me… I got engaged, started a new job, & received so much love from my friends & family it was overwhelming. I think my girlfriends and chad threw at least 3 surprise parties for us! It was absolutely amazing. I have never felt more loved in my life…. truly an amazing year to look back on. Our wedding day is my favorite memory, despite a few mishaps, I had a really strong friendship with my girls & Chad with his guys… having you guys by our side meant the world to us. The time I spent with my mom and family is something I will cherish forever.  We were lucky enough after the wedding to go on this mega amazing honeymoon, that again once was for sure once in a life time! I definitely learned to live in the moment & really soak up all of life’s amazing moments because they pass by just as quickly as they come.  

Inhale the positive, Exhale the negative…Here’s a little peak at our trip!


IMG_1506  IMG_0861

IMG_1439 IMG_0859IMG_0824 IMG_0820 IMG_1595 IMG_1544 IMG_1540 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1549 IMG_1560 IMG_1587 IMG_1597 IMG_1607 IMG_1618 IMG_1631 IMG_1531 IMG_1510 IMG_1516 IMG_1537 IMG_1578 IMG_1574IMG_1898IMG_1903IMG_1883IMG_1880IMG_1866IMG_1974IMG_1951IMG_1930IMG_1917IMG_1926IMG_1861IMG_1858IMG_1854IMG_1853IMG_1850IMG_1846IMG_1913IMG_1840IMG_1844IMG_1812IMG_1824IMG_1783IMG_1791IMG_1802IMG_1778IMG_1766IMG_1760IMG_1759IMG_1739IMG_1738IMG_1729IMG_1987IMG_1960IMG_1946IMG_1909IMG_1907IMG_1906IMG_1895IMG_1893IMG_1873IMG_1833IMG_1815IMG_1809IMG_1780IMG_1775IMG_1753IMG_1750IMG_1743IMG_1733IMG_1727IMG_1720IMG_1718IMG_1711IMG_1706IMG_1696IMG_1677IMG_1676IMG_1655IMG_1654IMG_1651IMG_1603IMG_1586

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