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Scream Queen ♣

“I’m a Mouse DUH” – Mean Girls

Halloween is my personal FAV holiday, I love dressing up and seeing everyone out of their everyday clothes and feelin a little spooky. Although I personally never dress scary I love seeing how creative people get! I especially love all of the recipes you can make cute and scary ( thanks to Pinterest)


This is a really cute platter to have out when you’re entertaining on, or near Halloween. This is super easy to do as well & kids love it too ( obvs). All i did was carved a pumpkin in to a puke face then put some spinach and goat cheese dip ( recipe coming soon!) coming out of his mouth. Then I made Grape jello and set it into straws like this PIN —>

Then I arranged a little skeleton using veggies and also homemade hummus with olive tapenade ( recipe coming soon)

Here is some of my costumes from 2011 to last year 

1011236_10152698457716014_2551778464434369398_n (1)      2011




 What is your favorite thing to do on Halloween & what do you love to dress up as!?

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